Special Services for film companies

Special Services for film companies

Athens Taxi Wagon offers special services like production support for film production companies. Book a Mercedes Benz E-Class station wagon for all your transfers.

Athens Taxi Wagon offers special services like production support for film, television, advertising and production companies and events. Book our special services for your filming project or event and arrange all your transfers reliably and on time.

Our years of experience working in production support guarantee our discretion, reliability and effectiveness. We pick up cast and crew members from the airport or their accommodation and drive them to the filming location with absolute privacy. Our drivers are fluent in English, Greek and some of them also speak Spanish, French and Italian.

Our fleet of Mercedes Benz E-Class station wagons has the unique capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 4 passengers and all their luggage, in a smoke-free, air-conditioned and luxurious environment with booster seats, airmatic suspensions and leather upholstery.

The spacious trunk of our Mercedes Benz E-Class station wagons can carry heavy and large equipment, including cameras, tripods, lighting equipment or filming props securely and safely.

You can also rent our Station Wagon Taxis to appear in your film of commercial.


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