Private deliveries with Wagon Services

Private deliveries with Wagon Services

Athens Taxi Wagon can carry any parcel you wish to send anywhere in the Greek mainland. Our spacious Mercedes Benz E-Class station wagons are fit to carry large items.

Athens Taxi Wagon makes private deliveries all over Greece. We guarantee to deliver your parcel on schedule, safely and securely. The spacious trunk space of our Mercedes Benz E-Class station wagons is fit to carry very large objects.

Our fleet of Mercedes Benz E-Class station wagons has the unique capacity to carry large items like surfing boards, wind surfing boards, sails, furniture, electrical appliances, precious painting, antiques, pets in their cages etc.

Athens Taxi Wagon is equipped with Thule aluminum roof racks (Thule code 755) which can carry large items like windsurfs, sailing or diving equipment and two bike carriers (Thule code 591) which you can ask for when booking our services.

We are also equipped with a 14lt electrical fridge for any sensitive items, like medicine, food, etc.


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